Inn-telligence hotel management training solutions

Hotel Training

Inn-telligence offers a selection of courses. They have proved highly successful in multi-cultural environments and can be delivered in English, German, Spanish, Russian or French.

Team Building and Personal Development

The Team Building Workshops are designed to stimulate personal growth by giving participants new insights into their behaviours within the team dynamic.

Behavioral Strategies

This workshop focuses on the concept of ‘behavioral types’ and how behavior can be modified to avoid conflict and to get the best out of a working relationship. It involves reviewing individual personality profiles based on feed back obtained in advance from colleagues and friends.

ONE DAY £150 per person + VAT
Code: Innt01beh – Minimum 6 attendees

Communication at Work

An in depth look at communication, focusing on differences in communication behavior with Subordinates, Peers and Superiors, and how these different approaches effect the potential productivity of a working relationship. Based on the “Johari Window” Model.

ONE DAY £150 + VAT per person
Code: Innt02com – Minimum 6 attendees

Team Challenge

This is a day of fun and challenges for competing teams of two to five. Each team is faced with a variety of tasks and games, which will test their ingenuity and stretch their mental and physical resources.

Choice of games can be tailored to suit different objectives. Results are reviewed in open forum.

Code: Innt03cha – Materials included

Leadership Styles

A close look at different approaches to leadership. During the course, participants are required to assess test cases. This involves situational analysis, and the application of an appropriate leadership style. Individual participants will receive feed back on their favored leadership style and their ability to shift styles.

ONE DAY £120 per person
Code: Innt04lea – Minimum attendees 6

Knowledge and Skill Training

Select for Talent

This short day course provides delegates with a structured approach to preparing and managing selection interviews. The main focus is on the differentiation between skills, knowledge and talent, and more specifically on how to identify ‘talent’. Topics covered include profiling, listening skills, questioning techniques and ‘body language’. A highly interactive course with role-play.

SHORT DAY £650 + VAT per course
Code: Innt05sel – Maximum 8 attendees

Supervisory Skills

This is a short, highly interactive session. Using the participants as a group as an example, attendees investigate motivation, the difference between defining ‘steps’ as opposed to ‘outcomes’, and the value of focusing on strengths.

Individuals are required to identify a specific opportunity within their workplace where this concept can be applied to help improve a subordinate’s performance. Optional Individual follow-ups within 3 months (additional cost).

SHORT DAY £650 + VAT per course
Code: Innt06ssk – Maximum 8 attendees

Cash Management

This short day course provides independent hotels with advice and training on how to maximize your company’s cash flow and effectively manage your costs. We recommend that the course is structured around your own data, or case studies can be provided if preferred.

SHORT DAY £700 + VAT per course
Code: Innt07fin – Maximum 12 attendees