Inn-telligence services and management contracts

Management Contracts

The decision to put the management of your hotel into other hands requires a high level of confidence and trust.

Inn-telligence has the experience and expertise to give you confidence and will earn your trust through their structured approach and their transparency. Their capability is evidenced by the success of their owned brands, the award winning B+B collection, and existing Management Contracts for clients.

The impact of Inn-telligence’s approach is felt through user experience, bottom line profit, high staff retention, brand recognition and the quality of the hotel experience.

All Inn-telligence managed hotels have their own bespoke operating manuals together with the relevant documentation for compliance with prevailing legislation. The full range of services are automatically brought to bear to guarantee the quality of Human Resource Management, Sales and Marketing activities and Accounting functions.

The cost of a management contract is calculated as a percentage of income and an incentive fee based on percentage of profit (EBITDA).